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Takeo Hayashida finds out he isn't fully human, and that's when all hell breaks loose—literally. If it wasn't already bad enough that he attends a school filled with delinquents, Takeo suddenly finds himself awakening as a powerful demonic overlord and struggles with suppressing his new found powers. He learns that he can only put an end to his abilities if he forms a “pact” with a being of equal strength...but he has to move fast or else his powers will completely overtake him. Will it be possible for Takeo to find a suitable match while going about his normal life?

8/6/18 NOTE: Unfortunately, this project is being put on hiatus for the time being until I can get my other VN, Sagebrush completed. Hopefully I can get to finishing Akuma Rodeo soon though!

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Story: BoniaeMilo
Writing: Boniae
Sprite art: Milo
Background lineart: Boniae
Background colors: Devselia and Knickers
Programming: Boniae & BáiYù
Proofreading: Zelan
Minigame script: Alex
Music: SAM-FREE and ZuikakuP


WOAH, we survived nanoreno 2018!!! What we've managed to release is just a demo and the script is roughly 14k words. This demo is a little unpolished with a few of the assets, but it should be playable enough.  We're planning to update the demo in the upcoming months with some more/all assets and more story to play through.



AkumaRodeo-1.0-market.zip 89 MB


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I played the demo and this looks pretty promising! The writing is really entertaining and I absolutely LOVE the music. It reminds me a lot of SMT/Persona game soundtracks. Some assets are missing/incomplete as of this comment, but don't let that discourage you from trying it out.  I made a quick video of the demo but I never finished it completely and I did rush through a lot of the dialouge. (And added my own insane commentary) I just wanted to get a flavor of what the game was like. But there's already a lot to see and experience in this demo! So I highly recommend playing it yourself and seeing if it's your cup of tea!

WOAH!!! I wasn't expecting feedback so soon, thanks so much for playing it and it's super cool that you did a let's play!! I watched the whole video and your commentary had me in stitches holy crap, it totally made my day :'D I'm glad you like the music too! The majority of the soundtrack is by Sam-Free,  his stuff was used in a lot of indie VNs, but a couple years ago his site went down and sadly, if I'm not mistaken, I believe he passed away in 2015. His music has always had a special place in my heart, so I was really happy to include them in here. A few other soundtracks are by ZuikakuP, from another site that went down, but their music is rad and you can check out their other tracks!

Anyway, I'm super glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!