All recent updates (June 1 2017)

Hi all! I've just realized that there's a dev log feature which is awesome for updating you all on my recent progress of the game. In case you haven't read the updates I used to post on the game page, here's some things that have been going on:

  • [1/12/2017] After a long hiatus, I started picking back up on SB. Organized my outline for all my unwritten scenes.
  • [1/30/2017] Up to about 4k more to the script, nearly done with Dion's route.
  • [3/9/2017] +2k words, Romance scene for Dion complete
  • [3/25/2017] Dion's route is averaging more than 21k words! Woo! ^^
  • [5/22/2017] Dion's route and Junya's routes are completely finished.
  • [5/30/2017] Game's script/route code has been laid out. Current writing is being imported into the game script and will be starting to code. Screenshots of new content and progress will appear within this upcoming months.

Right now I'm planning on programming what I've got, then I can go back to writing the rest of the game. I'll hope to be using this dev log as I progress on the game, but you can always feel free to follow my twitter for more smaller updates and such. Thanks!

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